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So, I haven't posted in a long long long (and last but not least) long time. :)
Well, school sucks. Big time. As much as I loved it last year, that much I had enough of it. First class Japanese language education ftw. I mean, now I can write down the kanji of genetic technology, but I can't communicate with a real nihonjin or recite basic words. Yesterday I asked some classmates on the way to Burger King "How do you say scissors in Japanese?" Noone knew. Not even Máté, who's pretty good in Japanese.
Well, teh obligatory whine time is over~~~

Interestingly I always post when I'm waiting an order frome Yesasia.com <3 Oh the first press limited edition Shinseiki no Love Song single~~~(noooo, I'm not fanatic XD)
Now I'm really into the Darren Shan books. I saw the movie (Cirque du Freak) w/ Loo and now I'm completely hooked. Luckily she owns a complete set of the series \o/ By the time she reads this post I suppose I will finish vol. 7 :D
Other actual craze: Base Ball Bear (Jrock group) awesome music

I'm so f***ing tired. And bored. Right now I'm feeling my life leads to nowhere. I can't even write a decent post, just ranting and stating what I'm into these days. I'm missing something.

The beautiful autumn is here....

It's already autumn, summer is over....
And also a post finally!!!! No post since 30th July uhh...

What happened in this 1 and a half month? In key sentences (I hope I'll get the good order)

Been to the Tropicarium w/ friendz
Been to the Balaton w/ my girlfriend and her family on their ship or yacht or something <3
Got my original autographed Nano Mugen T-shirt~~ \o/
My American relatives (Alex and co.) have been here visiting us :)
Seen the 20th August Fireworks on the bank of the Danube w/ my girlfriend
Animecon (corrupt karaoke jury)
Nippon Groove..it was AWESOME! Party of the year probably
Nippon Shoxx...it was awesome also :D
I became a Gintama tard once again
Been together with Loo for more than 9 months now~~~WHEEEE
Loo's birthday <3
Neptun hysteria XD
Seen Ingloriuous Basterds...great movie, great movie....
Been to Gumipop.....it used to be a MUCH BETTER party...

In REALLYYYYY short that's it. I wanna post pix of the major events once I will get them ^^

What's happening noww?

University started...CHAOS Nobody knows anything...and I can't go to Chinese class..damn....and no Kaoru :(
On Monday I've got Friday on my mind~~~(party :D:D)
Right now I'm reading Yoshikawa Eiji's Taiko...it's becoming my second favourite book already (only after Musashi)
Should practice Japanese....I don't wanna get nailed by the wanna-be Japanese idiotic freshman....
I want to go to Karate class also....time passed on Kendo....:)

Well from now on I want to post more regularly ^^

My stuff arriveeeeeeeed YEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
I had to shout it out loud :D

PS.: Guess what I'm going to watch when I arrive home...

Being ignored :/

Where's my package????? I want my DVD and CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And damn it, if it arrives today (why not? there's always a possibility) there will NOONE be at home (again) to receive it :(:(

Oh yeah, my whole family goes to Lake Balaton...without me because I work....it's not that I REALLYYY want to go there w/ them or something, but it hurts that they don't even tell me that they go... I realised that they're going there today while I was wondering why my mom is making tons of sandwiches at 6 AM and asked her why....
The good part is that noone will be at home when I finish...but still, it's a shitty feeling that they ignore me to this level...oh well

3 more days to go~~~

How nostalgic...

Somehow this movie popped into my mind (because of Jason Scott Lee I guess) and now I really want to see it again...I remember that I loved it when I was a kid...especially the music :D

I should write the subject here

It's been a week now, well what happened?
Work still takes most of my time, but that can't be helped. I'm starting my last week tomorrow :D One month already passed..it's kind of a strange feeling...
My stuff will also arrive from Japan, so all week I'm gonna be stucked on the window and staring at the gate XD I've ordered Ajikan's Eizo Sakuhin Shu Vol.5 DVD and Fanclub CD (I consider this their best album so I ended up ordering this -- this not my favourite though, but I make a difference between favourite and best). So I can't wait for them to arrive :D This is a first time I ordered something through the Internet w/ credit card so I'm kinda nervous if it will arrive or not....hehe

But this week I was able to meet w/ friends from the university, I was so happy :D It was good to have a little chit chat w/ them...I met w/ one of them on Monday and Tuesday, and he even invited me and 3 more friends to his hometown to stay there, I can't wait for it!! :D
On Saturday with my girlfriend and another friend we went to see an exhibition of XIX. Century Japanese and Austro-Hungarian Empire era clothing. It was called "Dreamweavers". We've seen so many beautiful kimonos~~~ Some of them had stunningly beautiful pattern :D The exhibition was in the palace, so we also had a little walk there, and a nice conversation :) My girlfriend also wore her brand new lolita dress, she was extremely beautiful <3
Today we had the perfect Sunday with my girlfrend :D Getting up late, eating ice cream for breakfast (lunch?), ordering pizza, watching DVD, doin' nothing...it was reaaaally relaxing and awesome~~I've really needed a day like this, thank you <3

My Bruce Lee fandom also reappeared this week. I've bought Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, starring Jason Scott Lee. It's such a marveolous movie and gives a good glimpse of his life. It's such a shame that he died so young :( RIP Bruce! After I got my salary I plan to order the Enter The Dragon 2 disc Limited Edition DVD :D:D:D And I plan to cosplay him at the 2009 Summer Animecon also :P That's the plan at least...

Well, I thought I put this here, maybe it will fire up someone's interest...

Natsu no Hi, Zanzou :D

My all time favourite song is back on Youtube :D
It also has a special meaning for me.........and I've been hunting for a black and white shirt like Gotoh's for YEARS (still haven't found one...)
Well, I'm glad this version is available again (this is the only time they played this song live as far as I know)

Dum dum dum

Hello there~~~

Life at the Company gets better and better.....today the executive director of our department said that I'm doing a good job :D I know it's no big deal but still...it felt good :)
One of the resolutions that I translated (the most important and prominent one) has been brought public, so now it's available on the internet for everyone to read! :D Well, it's not the most interesting stuff you'll ever read but still...
You can read it here:

It's not that I'm REALLY busy at the HFSA HQ, there are days when I don't have to do ANYTHING. Then I have nothing to do for 8 and a half hours. I'm braindead on the end of the day. But I have time to practice Chinese and Japanese, something I wouldn't do on a normal summer day. And I could spend my time to browse wikipedia randomly.
That's how I began to read about cities I want to visit. I read about Shanghai (fabulous city and I have the possibility to get a job at a Shanghai based company after graduation), Yokohama (again a magnificent city and the hometown of Ajikan...need more reasons? Nano Mugen Festival is also held here) and many others but my new love is.....Hong Kong.
There are no words to describe Hong Kong. The panorama, the skyline of skyscrapers, the emerge of modern and traditional, the buildings, the streets, avenues, the cuisine..........I could go on and on...
One thing. Not many people are aware of this, but I'm a sucker for skyscrapers and neon lighted streets. And skylines (hence most of my userpics. This one is of Hong Kong)
So my new dream is to go to Hong Kong. I want to have a picture of me taken next to the statue of Bruce Lee :D:D
And my dream job would be working for Jardine Matheson Holdings, one of the (if not the) biggest and most influential companies in the Far East.

Yesterday I went to the movies..again. (I'm a movie fanatic, that's the truth) So, this time I've seen "The Hangover". Hmm...honestly? One of the greatest movies ever! I was laughing throughout the whole film..it was AWESOME. Probably the funniest film I've ever seen. I can't wait for the DVD :D

Well, that's all for this time~~~

Soon today will pass, and I’ll be a little spellbound by tomorrow

Give me some sleep

'cause I hate getting up early. Well, I like working for the Company :D In exact I work for the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (hereinafter: HFSA or 'the Company' in my posts), I translate documents (resolutions, crisis solution programs, stuff like that, but I can't tell more because I signed contracts about secrecy...cool, heh?) from English to Hungarian or vice versa. There are also times when I don't have to do anything, and then I'm just sitting there like a bag of potatoes. And I bore out my mind. I like doing the work. Time is passing real fast that way. Everyone is so nice :D Really, everyone's really kind, looks after the other, I like the atmosphere. And I think when I grow up I won't do anything much different either :D I even have my own desk, my own computer....the office looks really cool and professional....I hope I'll get much work, just to don't bore out my mind...
My only problem is that I miss out summer. I finish late, at 4:30PM at best ( I start at 8:00AM), and after that I'm really tired to do anything, I don't even consider going to a party or concert. But it's going to be a good experience. Oh and don't forget the salary~~~  8D

Oh, I bought the Tom Hanks landmark DVD collection. It's great. It's awesome. It's fantastic. Superb. Legendary. And so on...words can't define the worth of these movies, all of them is a classic and touches the heart some way. The collection consists of Saving Private Ryan, Cast Out, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal, and Forrest Gump. I think the titles give you the basic idea. Sorry for writing so much about this, but these are some of my favourite movies and all time classics IMO. And Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors.
My girlfriend also gave me the book of Kitano Takeshi titled Shounen (Boy) as a present. It's a short book which consists of 3 short stories about high school boys. Well, it was so short that I read on the way to work and then to home :D. But these stories made an everlasting impact on me. They were just piece of life stories, but they had something that moved my soul. It became one of my favourite books of all time instantly. Thank you again <3

I wonder if I will manage to make interesting entries in July, hence I work everyday. But I'll try to make up for the lack of time on weekends. But probably this month I won't have epic adventures, at least not many (trying to be an optimist) :D:D

Love to all who will have some minutes off his/her precious time to read through this~~

Hey, it's 9th July...
Natsu no hi zanzou kisanaide, kienaide, owaranaide....



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